I have two basic beliefs that will guide me in the direction I will take the Sheriff's Office.  These beliefs are that the Sheriff's Office is a public service agency and that all people must be treated equally.  These are not the only factors that will be part of my direction, but they are very important to me.
The Sheriff's Office is a public service agency and it is important that we always work with that knowledge at the forefront. What this means to me is open lines of communication.  This is done through press releases, newspaper and radio, and social media such as Facebook.  However the strongest form of communication is face to face interaction and I believe that has been forgotten over the years.  
I enjoy face to face conversations and will work to create opportunities for those to happen.  I will do this through meet and greets, town hall type discussions, and public information meetings to name a few.  I will also be sure to make public contacts part of my regular schedule and work to visit places, such as schools, to encourage positive relationships.
We have a great opportunity to strengthen the positive relationship between the Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Tillamook County.  I am excited for the possibility to be a large part in this process.
I have always attempted to treat everyone around me with respect and fairness regardless of the situation they are in.  This is a long standing core belief that was instilled in me from a young age.  I am aware that given the specific line of work that I perform there are some that would not agree, but I assure you this is very important to me.  Members of the public deserve fairness, respect, and professionalism from their elected officials and I do not take that responsibility lightly.  
This extends to, and includes, the staff at the Sheriff's Office.  Employees of any business are the backbone of that business and that position demands respect.  I will work to create a positive culture within the Sheriff's Office where staff are treated with respect and fairness.  Staff must know that their Sheriff will fight to protect them and listen to their concerns with an open mind.  This will increase morale through all departments and in turn create a very strong Sheriff's Office that will serve the public with the highest level of service.
In addition, I believe that proactive policing is critical to a successful law enforcement agency.  I will work to be sure this type of enforcement is happening.  I will bring back the grant that helps pay for extra DUII and Seatbelt Patrols.  This grant has not been received or applied for the last two years.  I will work on bringing back the patrol position that was strictly for traffic enforcement.  This is also a position that has not existed for many years.  Simple tools such as a Radar Trailer will be used as a deterrent and enforcement tool.  The Sheriff's Office has one of these trailers but it is not being utilized.  I will also work on strengthening our narcotics enforcement through common police tactics.  There is a problem in Tillamook County and it must be addressed, especially at it's source.
I will bring back our Reserve Program which is a great program for community involvement as well as an additional resource for the Sheriff's Office.  This programs trains and utilizes reserve deputies for a variety of details and was, at one time, a very productive program.  We do not currently have a reserve program and I believe it is too valuable not to have.
My final thought I wish to convey is regarding Second Amendment issues.  It is no secret that this is a hotly debated topic with many strong feelings on both sides.  I will be brief in my statement, but I invite anyone to attend future events I plan to hold so it can be discussed further as needed.
Both the US Constitution and the Oregon Constitution state that we as citizens have the right to bear arms.  Any direct attempt to take that right from us would violate both constitutions.  I WILL defend our Constitutions.   



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