Meet Josh

I am a lifetime resident of Tillamook being born and raised here. My family has a long history in this community which gives me great pride.  My wife and I recently celebrated 25 years of marriage and together we raise our four children in this beautiful county.

My wife was my high school sweetheart before we were married.  We have a very strong bond and still love spending time with each other.  We love the outdoors specifically the parks and trails right here in our community. We enjoy going out to eat at local restaurants and love any chance we get to visit one of our great coffee shops.  


Our children range in age from 24 years old to our youngest who is 9 years old.   We have raised them with the same strong family values that my wife and I were raised with.  We continue to enjoy events and activities with our children and our extended family. 

I have always tried to be an active member of this community.  I was a youth sports coach for over ten years in baseball and football.  I coached at the YMCA level all the way through high school.  This was especially important to me because it gave me the opportunity to see young athletes develop into young adults and I had the opportunity to be a 

positive impact on them.   I have seen many of these youth become successful adults and good people.


I am a member of the Tillamook County Fair Board and was recently voted in as the Vice-President. This position is volunteer and has a wide range of responsibilities.  It can be challenging at times but every minute I spend being a part of this board has been absolutely worth it.  This is especially when I get to interact with patrons who are very proud of our fair.


My wife and I are also members of the Tillamook County Pioneer Association.  This is an organization responsible for managing the Pioneer Museum as well as maintaining the history of Tillamook County,  It's an amazing organization to be part of.

In my spare time I love being outdoors and in the forest area around Tillamook.  It's both beautiful and humbling.  I am an avid hunter and have raised my children to be responsible hunters as well.  I love to go camping with my family and friends and hiking our many established trails.  I enjoy spending time with wife, children, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and more.  I was raised to value family and maintain a strong bond with them.  

Tillamook County is my home, it is our home!

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Josh Brown.